History of IARD

This program started in the year 2002 and so far we have enhanced capacities of more than 500 students and 60 faculties. CSFD has facilitated 15 experiential learning visits/programs to students and the faculty to interact with experts from industry, academic institutions and policy planners. This program has facilitated students to gain in-depth knowledge, as well as first hand practical experience through field visits to various research institutes, NGOs, state agricultural universities, food processing industries, textile units, livelihood systems and lectures on rural development delivered by experienced faculty and industry speakers. There has been an equal representation of men and women students all through the programs. Following the above experiential field visits, students thoroughly analyze the existing agriculture systems, rural infrastructure, post harvesting practicing, and rural livelihood and present their projects on improving the above with localized solutions.
The course provide students a unique exposure to different cultural, educational and social practices that augment their learning and stimulate their performance. Students benefit from resources at Cornell University and visits to various industries in agri-processing sector and agriculture system. The program helps students not just in their academic endeavors but also in understanding different cultures helping them improve their level of confidence and their outlook towards a better career