Student Capacity Building

International Agriculture and Rural Development (IARD)
The International Agriculture and Rural Development (IARD) is designed for students who are interested in contributing to the unique and interdisciplinary issues associated with food systems and rural development in emerging nations. IARD gives the opportunity to gain meaningful, on site experience by participating in projects and research in India. Students acquire valuable insight and skills while working within rural communities to:

  • address poverty and hunger through innovations in agriculture
  • increase food security
  • advance science and policy related to sustainable development
  • and contribute to the economic development of emerging economies by strengthening strategies and public policies

IARD is a two part course – (IARD) 402 online courses and 602 experiential learning focusing on Indian agriculture and allied sectors.
IARD 402
IARD 402 course acquaints students with international agriculture and rural development in developing nations. The lectures and discussions establish a global and regional context for sustainable agricultural development and focuses on specific development challenges in India.
The first part of the IARD course (IARD 402) includes 14 lectures (2 credits) offered to students from the following universities

IARD-602 – Experiential learning program
The IARD 602 course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to understand and analyze agricultural development practices in India. The course curriculum include, a two week field-study trip, individual reflection papers of the trip, group discussions, written projects and oral presentations dealing with problems in food, agriculture, post-harvest and livestock production in the context of social and economic conditions of India in the following thematic areas

  • 1. Agricultural Systems
  • 2. Rural Infrastructure
  • 3. Value Addition
  • 4. Animal Sciences
  • 5. Fiber Science

History of IARD