Reaching Grassroots

IARD 2018

The International Agriculture and Rural development program, funded by Cornell Sathguru Foundation for Development has been designed exclusively for the students who are interested in agricultural and the related verticals for understanding the tech transfer along with the advanced modern practices implemented in agriculture. The program emphasizes on clearly understanding the multi-disciplinary agricultural system in developing and developed nation through two main modules- IARD 0420 (classroom learning/ Online cases) and IARD 0620 (field visits). During the current year, 2017, students pursuing courses in the field of agriculture and rural development from Assam Agriculture University, Jorhat and University of Agriculture Sciences, Dharwad, were selected for participating in the IARD, 2018 Program.

The IARD 2018 team from India was paired with the Cornell University students to attend various lectures, classroom sessions, participate in field visits and explore the latest technologies and on-going research in the field of agriculture and allied sectors. The IARD team not just explored the happenings on agriculture and allied sectors, but also learnt the market trends for various crops across the geographies, and participated in presentations, discussions and case studies on the market. The biotechnology advancements that is now taking a shape in the world was experienced with the visit to Boyce Thompson Institute.

The short course IARD 0420 that was conducted from 1st October 2017 to 13th October 2017 ended with the talk by Dr. Jeanie Borlaug, the Chair of Borlaug Global Rust Initiative. 
The IARD team will be visiting India during January 2018 under various thematic groups- agricultural systems, value addition and rural infrastructure to gain panoramic understanding through field visits, interaction with the expertise and hands-on experience in their focus area.